Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I learn from 'Bilik Tutor/Felo Perempuan'.

From time to time, I visit my 'roomies' in Fakulti Pengurusan Ekonomi, UMT, just to say 'Hi!'. This morning, was again an impromptu visit and I was greeted by the sweet smell of bunga rampai. The ladies, Ieja, Nisa', Moni, Liya, Shuhad and Amy, were preparing the surprise door gifts for a friend's akad nikah. Isn't it wonderful? Warm and thoughtful ladies, they are, and I pray that all of them will be blessed with extra beautiful blessings from Him.

I learn that money can be a tool for us to get closer to one another, and to Allah. Kind thoughts and good will can make a friendship grows to another level. And insha Allah, the friendship is lillahita'ala. I learn that when we do a deed without asking for rewards later, we do it happier, with smiles and laughter, not with frowns and whines.

Thanks ladies!
pix: On Iej's not-so-surprise birthday BBQ. Featuring tutors and fellows of FPE.

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