Friday, August 13, 2010

What I learn from 'Al Fateh: Tadika Mindaku Experience'.

Since my husband is undergoing a course in Taiwan, the kids and I are going to spend a good length of time in Seremban. Thus, we decided that it's wise to find Al Fateh a kindy for him to continue his routine, such in Kuala Terengganu. Alhamdulillah, Ampangan, Seremban offers alot of private kindergartens and after surveying a few, my Mak and I are satisfied with Tadika Mindaku, situated 2 minutes away from my parents' place in Seremban.

What I learn is, as parents, we need to survey the kindy or schools before registering our child(ren). This is because, I had another kindy in mind, but I was pretty surprised to discover that at this particular kindy (during our survey time), the staff were bathing the children (without any single string on the body) at the front tap of the kindy's entrance. I don't think I'll allow my Al Fateh to make a 'free-show', thanks, but no thanks. Hence, making sure that they have proper teachers, syllabus and certified by Social Welfare Department are crucial. In addition, Mom's instincts always work best.

Changing schools is hard, especially for a 5-year old boy. Different atmosphere, new teacher and friends, new routines, new language (Ganu vs Nogoghi... =p), hence, we as parents need to prep his mind set early. We reminded him gently about this move 2 weeks before he left Tadika Nurfa UMT, in Kuala Terengganu. At first, he was agitated, but reasoning with the child and enforcing positive thinking and new fantastic experience helped. He did look forward for the move.

Another aspect that I learn is pre-consultation with Al Fateh's future teacher. I use this meeting to tell Teacher Aishah and Teacher Marilynn on what to expect from Al Fateh, academically and behaviour-wise. I brought evidence of his work from previous school. Why? This is to give the teacher the idea on what work he has/hasn't done, hoping that Al Fateh wouldn't be shocked with a work which could be too hard or complicated, especially on his first few days at school (if it's too easy, it wouldn't matter much). I don't want him to be embarassed in front of his new friends and chicken-out from the entire activities at school, because of my lack of sensivity. And I must admit that Tadika Mindaku teachers are very alert and sensitive on this. A big thank you!

For the first few days at school, I gave Al Fateh some simple tasks daily. Most lingers around the new people and surroundings. After school each day, I'd asked him the tasks questions. He enjoyed (and still enjoy) this sessions. The simple tasks were;
  • Remember the name(s) of your teacher;
  • Remember 2 friends' names; 
  • What did you learn at school today?
  • Is there any interesting lesson at school that you can teach adik-adik (the siblings)?
  • Compare and contrast with Tadika Nurfa.
  • Any interesting 'drama' at school?
Another point that I learn is, the issue of uniform. Though the teacher advised me not to buy the uniform, since he has missed half of the year, I insist on buying him one. The bigger issue behind wearing a uniform is unity. I want Al Fateh to feel belonged. To have him feel 'I'm one of them' and not feeling left out worth more than the RM25 uniform.

Lastly, in regards of post-weekend syndrome. Al Fateh has a BIG issue on not wanting to go to school on Monday (or Sunday in Terengganu). I need to understand that children have Monday Blues, too! Though it's hard not to push him to stop whining and get ready quickly (or both of us will be late), I need to control myself from being extra-pushy and super-angry, since this will make him hate school (and Ummi, too). I try my very best to be firm, and so far, I never give him leeway to miss school.

When the camera is good to take photos, I'll upload some photos of Al Fateh in his pink-maroon uniform, insha Allah.

Toodles for now!


  1. You're doing great Azza. Keep it up =) I've been there. Have faith in our children...

  2. Adakah itu dirimu Queen Anna Maria. Thanks for the support! It's hard not to membebel though! hahahahahah..

  3. Askum...nak tanyala, tgh cari best kindergarten kat still in dilemma...hehe...ok ke Tadika tu eh?

    1. It was alright for Al Fateh. He was there only for two months, but he enjoyed himself. English medium. I cant comment much since he was there for a short period of time.


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