Monday, March 28, 2011

What I learn from 'Peristiwa: PTA of Al Fateh's school'

I remember the days when I was teaching in Al Hidayah, eager and passionate parents came and knocked on the classroom door after school to ask about their children's progress. Though there were stacks of books to be marked, I was pleased to know that these parents were concern and wanted to be involved with their children's school work. 

These parents came into my classroom not to accuse me of not teaching their children enough or condemning my pedagogical approaches, but to ask me if there was anything that they could contribute to ensure better  progress, not just for their own child, but for the benefit of others, too. Masha Allah... I was amazed with their matured perspectives and the feeling of togetherness to educate the young minds. 

Partnership between school and home is essential for our child's progress.

I promised myself that however different the phenomenon in my own country, I need to learn from that lesson. I should not point fingers and blame others for any shortcomings of my children's education at school, I need to be involved. I need to be proactive and contribute, too.

Paradigm shift

One of the 'formal' channels to contribute is PTA (Parent Teachers Association aka PIBG in Malaysian schools). There should be a shift of thoughts, especially by young professional parents, from non-involvement to active involvement in PTAs. Issues discussed in these meetings are our personal, important issues: the issues of our children's education. This is the place where we can share what we have learned from the schools abroad (especially to those parents who have sent their children to school during their postgraduate days abroad). Not every one is blessed like us, having the chance to experience the education system abroad. However, we can help by sharing our invaluable experiences,  especially with our children's teachers.

Puzzle pieces
Parents contributions complete the puzzle.

During our second Peristiwa (PTA) meeting of the Teaching School of Kuala Terengganu, I was very pleased that the turnouts were overwhelming. Many parents contributed ideas and thoughts in many aspects during the discussion, chaired by my husband, the elected (but-not-so-elated) chairperson. This shows that the parent teacher conference could actually complete some puzzles faced by the teachers, with the help and guidance from the pro-active and dedicated parents.

I surely hope that this dedication perseveres. And I surely pray that the selfless contributions made by these parents will be paid off with excellent education for their children.


  1. Totally agree Azza, although we can't change the curriculum, but if we get involved, we can make the learning process better at least.Teringat dulu my mum kata she never attends PIBG meeting sebab x nak org bagi 'jawatan'. This (her) mentallity must change hehehhe

  2. Exactly Fid, not just your mom, Fid, I believe most parents who has stable jobs feel the same. The next generation should change!! =D


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