Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I learn from 'post-SPM journeys'.

SPM results

Some did excellently, some did OK and some might be shameful to show their result slip to anyone. However, I must congratulate each and every SPM candidates (and their parents) who studied hard and smart, enduring loads of (unnecessary, which some could be) pressures and pep talk from tonnes of people. Whatever the outcome is, I pat you on your back for working hard and didn't use the 'Que-Sera, Sera!' mentality. You've conquered the first mountain in your life! Kudos!

I must admit, SPM is one of the biggest hurdles that I had to jump in order to do well in life. Though I worked hard and tried to understand the nitty gritty of all 9 subject matters, I did not get the result I wanted.

I was a student in one of the greatest boarding school in Malaysia, with superb teachers guiding me to excel in my studies, surrounded with extremely talented and brilliant friends, great infrastructure and disciplined lifestyle. I had it all, but in the end, I didn't do as well as my friends.

Why? A big question that was extremely hard for me to answer and comprehend when I was 18. 

What-people-want-me-to-be VS what-I-want-to-be.

At 18, most of us should have discovered our own interests as well subjects that we are dispassionate on. It is important for you to be sure the answer of a vital question, what do you love to do in long-term? 

I learned later that this was the answer of why I didn't do as well as I wanted in SPM. I learned it the hard way, which was after getting the result. I did not choose the correct path (or stream) that I could excel in. That was why I struggled to understand simple pure science concept when other friends could finish the Physics exercises in a breeze!

Hence, answering the question of 'what do I love to be?' is easy for some, but extremely difficult for others. Many issues will be involved, namely, your own parents, relatives, monetary issues, location of higher education institutions, etc.  

It is a HUMONGOUS step -  to choose your career choice carefully - because one wrong move will take you years and years to correct. Take your time, discuss with your parents, teachers, aunties, uncles, siblings, working cousins, or any other people that you trust. Don't forget Allah in this process. This is the best time to practice the istikharah prayers that you have learned theoretically in your Religious class (and you might get and A+ in your Agama Islam subject, too!) Ask Allah to guide your path to excellence, ask Him to help you to decide what's best for your life.

I sincerely pray that my cousin (Hani), cousins' children (Syirah, Aidil and Ain) as well as other post-SPM hopefuls will make wise decisions which will make them successful in their lives. I hope they will find a course that they really love to do. Earning loads of money from a career that you loathe is not cool, and you'll be far from being happy and contented in life. It'll be stressful and you'll end up to be less motivated. When you're less motivated, it's hard to grow professionally. Yes, you maybe rewarded materially but spiritually, you're a poor man. And I don't want you to be that.

So, all the best in living your dreams. Choose the best path for you (and for your parents, too) to live your life. Work hard and smart to achieve your goals. Persevere. Pray to Him. Remember, there are many ways to climb a mountain. If you're willing and passionate, you will overcome the difficulties. If you can dream about achieving it, the power lies within yourself to make it come true. So, persevere. Don't give up.

Our prayers are with you!

This piece is dedicated to 
Farah Hani Fauzudin
Iza Nur Ain
Tunku Aidil Idham
Syirah Zainal
SPM '10

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