Thursday, June 14, 2012

What I learn 'Allah's Green creations'

Nothing much to say.. but lots of photos of our novice efforts in the lawn. We believe flowers and tended garden adds 'shimmers and shine' to the house. May Allah counts our efforts in caring for His creations (as well as being responsible tenants to our landlord! Hope they are happy (and wont increase the rent!) =D)

Mini roses, given FOC by a local nursery after the bad monsoon season last Dec.
A full bloom, also given by Zie's Nursery (12.2011)
Pluck it and stick them in the pot..
Blooms from 9am-12pm daily.

Non-stop action since we bought them (032009)

Pretty bunch of 'bunga tahi ayam'! (rabbits dislike them!)

Daun kesum or Vietnamese cilantro/mint (regularly snipped. Wash and keep them in the freezer.) - One of the most popular items in the garden, neighbours will come in and pluck some for their singgang.

Turmeric in a pot! (Look at the sizes of the leaves... lovely in rendang!) - it started as a tiny remnant of unused herb in the kitchen.. and vavavoom... it grows and grows!

Kaffir lime plant (Limau purut) - a pot given by our next door neighbour. I learn from her that plants are fantastic gifts. Just imagine, every time I use this in Tom Yam, she receives blessings from Him. Subhanallah!

Aloe vera (lovely in juices!) - was given by the cleaner of Klinik Desa Mengabang Telipot. She told us to use it for burn wounds. A thoughtful gesture, I reckon (06.2010)

Ginger plants (and a lonesome ulam raja! - we replanted the other 'monarchs' in a secluded area, where rabbits can't munch them!). This ginger plant was a good friend of mine during the confinement days! Ahahha..

Galangal (lengkuas), another favorite items of our neighbours. (Neighbours will enter the house, take any herbs they need and go back to their respective kitchens... cool eh? I think that's why this plant is growing so well.)

Peonies in a pot..  =D

Plant plants.
Persevere, water and fertilize them.
Ponder upon His super greatness.
Priceless buds.
(Put them in the pot)
Precious dine..

Monday, June 4, 2012

What I learn from '35 ways of Sharing and Showing Quality Time with My Munchkins'.

It’s easy for us to say “I love you” but those three words, devoid of action and the gift of our quality time, are simply that—just words.  As the new generation of parents, lets try to exemplify loving sentiments and affections, let us show our children just how special they really are.

35 simple ways to show your child love:
  1. Plan to watch movie they want to see. Make your own popcorns. Switch off the lights. Lots of pillows and cuddles!
  2. Go on a treasure hunt (collect all the loose change around the house/car) together and then make a trip to the arcade with your findings.
  3. Take a long nature walk together, at their pace.  Let them lead the conversation.
  4. Find qualities about them that you genuinely love, and compliment them in front of others.
  5. Frame a photo of the two of you, and display it in their room.
  6. Play a game with them.
  7. Let them win.
  8. Make bath time special.  Add lots of bubbles, colored soaps, maybe you could purchase a new tub toy or let them play with things found around the house.  I let my kids play with things like colanders and funnels from the kitchen—they love it. 
  9. Send them a handmade card in the mail with a coupon to go get ice cream with you.
  10. Using blankets and chairs, or a card table, build a clubhouse together and have a picnic inside.
  11. Read “I love you” books together.
  12. Let them stay up past their bedtime with you and watch something together.
  13. Do a chore that is normally reserved for them.
  14. Tuck an encouraging note inside their lunchbox.
  15. Give them your full attention.
  16. Tell them some of the ways they make you happy.
  17. Make them laugh.
  18. Laugh with them.
  19. Make their favorite treat to welcome them home from school with.
  20. Show them your joy when they arrive.
  21. Ask for hugs and kisses.
  22. Listen, and let them make their own decisions whenever possible.
  23. Take a day off from everything: work, household duties, technology, etc. and focus entirely on them.
  24. Cook together.
  25. Write them a poem using the initials of their name.
  26. Decorate their room for no reason.
  27. Kidnap them from school and take them out for lunch.
  28. Make home a fun place to be.
  29. Make a treasure box from an old shoe box, fill it with “gold” (chocolate coins) and make an official looking treasure map with clues for them to locate the hidden treasure with.
  30. Go to the store and let them pick out all the ingredients to make banana splits.  Make and eat them together.
  31. Wrap up in a warm blanket together in an aircond room and take turns making up stories to tell each other.
  32. Make a list of things you love about them and put it on their pillow before bedtime.
  33. Talk about what they did in their day at dinnertime.
  34. Sit down together and write a list of fun activities to do in a day.  Write each idea on small slips of paper, roll up the papers and stick them inside balloons.  Blow up all the balloons and then pop one balloon at a time until you’ve completed all the activities.
  35. Play back rub/tickle games—ie; Spider crawling up your back… 

Sharing, adopting and adapting a lovely entry...

Friday, June 1, 2012

What I learn from 'the correlation between AirAsia and Good shoes'.

Being a frequent flyer of AirAsia (KT-LCCT), I was excited to check the hypotheses of my small correlational study. 

The hypotheses - Good pair of (new Clarks.. =p) shoes is needed if you fly with AirAsia.
The test - Look for associations of excessive walking during outbound and inbound flights. 

Online Clarks with Syifa's Shope (Su is a UMT staff!)

From my case study, it was discovered that in deed, there's a perfect positive relation (r = +1) between the two variables. Especially during the last trip, I was requested to embark the flight twice! There was oil spill underneath the aircraft and all passengers were asked to abort the plane...

(This entry is to justify my recent purchase of Clarks shoes - a justification to myself (and the other half!)... I need to make it sound academic and scientific to make it more dramatic! hahahhahahah....)

In addition, to adik-adik, there are alot of fancy shoes out there, but do take care of your feet when purchasing your shoes. You're going to use them all your life (your feet, not the same shoes!!)... do take care of them. Invest on good, comfortable and supportive shoes. And, skimpy and sloppy pairs will not do justice to your nice outfit.. seriously!

Well, I have to admit, it was worth it! Thanks Su for the Clark-y! Better price next time? =p

p/s My love and thanks to my husband for purchasing me an unexpected black coach-y bag to match the shoes! Love you, loads!!

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