Sunday, October 10, 2010

What I learn from 'Maher Zain'.

Taqwa vs Wealth

I was one of 'the chosen one' who had the opportunity to watch and listen to brother Maher Zain's mini-story of his life and journey in Nasi Lemak Kopi O @ TV9. Before this, we are just one of the millions who extremely enjoy his voice and songs from his new (original) album Thank You Allah, but now, after listening to some history of this 28 year old Lebanese born artiste, my respect for him and his songs moves up another level.

Having a choice to live in a high-profile life, earning million dollars annually versus an unknown journey to reach the hearts of millions of Muslims (and Muslims-to-be insha Allah); which path might you choose? For someone who have tasted the glamorous life of LA, brother Maher Zain bravely chose the second option. Why? To be nearer to Allah.

Believe in Allah's Promises

Brother Maher Zain's journey of being a better Muslim has opened my eyes to be a better and stronger believer. As an outsider, I must admit that I think that brother Maher Zain has passed Allah's test of 'taqwa vs wealth', therefore Allah grants both to him now. He chose to be closer to Allah, to pray in the mosque back in Sweden, left the fab life that he might have in LA for the sake of Allah; be happy and contented with continuing his journey in an unknown region.

But look deeper, for choosing the right option in life, Allah has granted him more. He grants him with sharp ideas to make brilliant songs and lyrics. Allah grants him health and wealth to travel all over the world to spread the truth using his intoxicating voice. Allah grants him with a style with suit him and his ways in doing his 'dakwah'. Allah grants him good family and friends who support him and not turn back to him. Allah grants him with good communications skills to communicate with media and fans, on and off stage. The list may go on and on.

The lesson I learn is choose the right path, Allah's path. Allah may test us with wealth, happiness and highly recognised and acknowledged by others, but it may be against His paths. So choose wisely.

Thanks brother Maher Zain for the lesson learned. Jazakallahukhairan kathira.

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