Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I learn from 'a writer's mental block'.

A poem for myself (and other postgrads who are in the same boat). 
Please ignore the desperate monologue I'm having with myself, it's has not been an easy day...

'Untangle the mess with zikrullah'

Why and How must I write?
a (heavy) mental note.

Please do not wait till the last minute to write. 
Read, review, write, edit & rewrite.
A viscous cycle that I need to fight!
Unfortunately, what matters are the output part,
your dissertation, where you have to cite, cite and cite!
Oh and yes, academically you have to write,
a format that is hard to like.
So, hang on tight!

Write up, then leave it for a bit.
After a week, reread.
then, edit. 
Use this link.
Cut it, paste it.
Of course, I'm not teaching you how to cheat! 
It's only super cool phrases to help you critique.
And surely, your SV's heart will skip a beat,
for he has got his treat!

 Be responsible. 
Don't put yourself in a jumble,
by making your references unavailable.
Be systematic and manageable.

That's right!
So, let's write!!
and rewrite!

(Naahhhh... thanks but no thanks! =p 
Not for today, anyway... 
had enough dosage of you for the day. 
The kids are inviting me to play, 
they deserve my time, too, don't they?)

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