Sunday, November 7, 2010

What I learn from ‘the intelligent process of cut & paste’.

Plagiarism? Of course not! The key word of the title above is intelligent.

In writing and reviewing various journal articles, I found that some articles were more ‘reader friendly’ than others. When, I analysed them, I discovered that these researchers have the flair of language which made the articles more comprehensible and lucid. I want to be like them, too!

So, that’s when I learned to use the intelligent process of cut & paste. This process involves;

  1. Scanning for intelligently thought and wonderfully constructed sentences in any articles
  2. Strip all the content
  3. Leave only the grammatical constructs.
This process will leave you with fantastic argumentative statements/structures that you have ‘worked so hard for’.

Listed below are some of the examples:

  1. The study builds on and contributes to work in                            In recent years,                              have gained more attention for a number of reasons.
    Different studies have also proven the importance of                      . They investigate the characteristics of                                      
    The recent development of                         could be used to provide                            .
    Some researchers think that                            , while others believe                             .
  2. There is no empirical research that compared                           . Hence, more research is needed on                                 .
  3. A review of the literature shows the need to evaluate                          .
  4. There is also the need to find out if                              .
  5. Although studies                             have examined                    , there has not been a                       .
  6. As such, this study provides additional insight into                                .
  7. The analytic focus on                         enables another contribution.
  8. Although numerous studies (                ) have identified                         , little analytic attention has been paid to                             .
  9. The study addresses this issue by demonstrating                                 .
  10. Although it was a decade ago that                                       made this observation, it has a timeless quality and is applicable to our present generation.
  11. A considerable body of research exists which illustrates the significant relationship between                           and                                          .
  12. It is important to avoid the tendency to over generalize                                .
  13. Indeed, such information should, to some extent, determine                            .
  14. In spite of great strides made regarding U     , many still have difficulty                                 .
  15. The suggestions offered in this article are but a few of the strategies                     might utilize to ensure                                     .
  16. This paper addresses the following questions:                         ;                         ; and                        .
  17. The majority of study on                           has focused                              .  On the other hand, this study concentrates on                                    .
  18. An attempt will be made to link                            to                             , with the aim of                     .
  19. A study of literature indicated that                              (                     ).
  20. Another striking attribute of the                                      is that it can also be related/differ to                                           .
  21. The question now arises as to whether                                               .
  22. Little is known about the                                              .
  23. It is often supposed that                                        . The actual influence of these                             .
  24. What has remain unclear until now are the interrelations among                                   ,                     and                           .
  25. Insight into these processes can make an important contribution to the improvement of                      .
  26. A large literature is available on the theory of                             , and a number of studies explore the                                   . Nonetheless, the literature is missing                                           .
  27. The study also examined many of the aforementioned critiques of the issues related to                       .
  28.                              was the founder of                               and influenced its spread as                                 .
  29. The current study synthesises on                                         .
  30. The development of                                       has gained momentum over the past decade.
  31. Research has resulted in the identification of                                          .
  32. A variety of factors are seen to be related to                                         .
  33. Research has shown that                                   may reflect                                      .
  34. Whilst                              has undergone extensive investigation by researchers, the role of                has not been as thoroughly researched and thus is not well understood.
  35. An extension of the debate takes the view that                                          .
  36. In recent times the debate has gained new urgency in                                           .
  37. Examining the issue of                             is important for evaluating                                          .
  38. This study seeks to examine                                 with respect to                                            .
  39. Therefore, information obtained from studying the                      can serve to inform                          .
  40. Investigating                             is critical to determining the extent to which                            .
  41. While several studies have been conducted that show                         , few have been conducted to determine                              .
  42. This study sought to identify                               . To address this issue,                                    .
  43. In pursuing this discussion, this paper defines                              as                                 .
  44. It is expected that these findings can not only inform                                , but also serve as baseline for a change for                                   .
  45. The study sought to provide in-depth information about                         . By taking this tack, it also sought to enhance                                   .
  46. These elaborations are based on theoretical considerations (            ,               ,                ,            ).
  47. This study adapted and expanded                    ‘s model to use as a framework for                    .
  48. However, to date, the number of studies with the research design of                    is limited.
  49. This paper explores aspects that enhance                                 .
I learn that these phrases do come in handy, especially on the days when the mind is pretty non-cooperative in creating cool, meaningful sentences. Please do share some of your wonderful findings of intelligent cut & paste statements. It might help others to reduce their stress of thinking of the perfect sentence!

p/s: These statements came from social sciences journal articles. I'm have not had a chance to explore the scientific journal articles (and I have no intention to do so, too! hihih.. my hands are full at the moment!)



  1. oh, a kindred soul.

    i used to do this too. Copy the sentences structure and leave out the content.

    I love your writing, and the way you think.

    Keep on writing, Azza.

    Btw, this is wawa of

    Eid Adha Mubarak. Taqaballahu Minna Wa Minkum.

  2. Thanks kak Wawa. Jazakillah for the wonderful motivational thoughts. Keep up your superb work, too!

  3. Salam kak. A really nice blog u have here. I was searching some info on furthering study in UK and stumbled upon your blog here :) Im working for UMT too but Im still new in UMT (baru je masuk bulan april tahun ni).

    Well, i just wanna share some info regarding those academic phrase. There's a website that share all the academic phrase that really helps a lot during my writing part. I dont know whether u have come across it before or not. Just to share :)


  4. Masha Allah. Thanks Asma'. This is why I blog!! People will just share info, without any hesitations. Thanks again!

    Asma' dah dapat tempat belum? Plan nak ke Uni mana di UK. FST kah?

  5. Kalau diizinkan Allah, Insyallah akan fly pertengahan bln ni. Southampton Uni. Saya FASM kak. and lupe, Salam perkenalan :)



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