Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I learn from 'Playgroup chit chat - Sawmia's Vadey'

When Al Fateh was two and Alwani was a newborn, we frequent the playgroup in our area. It's held once a week where moms and dads brought their child(ren) to meet others at the same age. It's a get-together time for the moms, too. Most of the time, we brought a plate of food to share. Sawmia, originated from India but has been staying in Perth for ages, always brought vegetarian food. One of them was my favourite, Vadey!!

This is Sawmia's version, simply yet super tasty!

Baked version.
Sawmia's Vadey
  1. Yellow split peas - soaked
    • 3 portions blend to paste
    • a portion as it is.
  2. Curry leaves
  3. Chopped onions
  4. Chillies, both powder and coarse
  5. Salt to taste.
Mix them all. Shape them into balls - flatten them.
Deep fry until golden.
Serve hot.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy eh? I always make them in a big batch. I don't fry them all, but bake most of them, cool them, and place them in small packets. Then deep freeze them. I only take a packet at a time for tea time. Clever eh? heheh.. Mak's technique.
Frozen vadeys ready to be baked/fried.

Bon App├ętit!

 AF AW playgroup


  1. kan vadeh best kan? Nazri baru buat today. =D

  2. azza,
    kalau turun notts jgn lupa tapau vadeh sekali keh :D

  3. Afie, vadey is da'bomb!!! Dah mahal sekarang ni kat kedai mamak, buat sendiri lagi puas hati! Go, Nazri, Go!!

  4. Kak Fariza, kena mari KT. Makang panah baru sedakk!


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