Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I learn from 'Alwani's 4th'

Happy Birthday my Princess Alwani. May you grow up to be a strong and steadfast muslimah, like Sumayyah Bint Khabbab; shielded with courage like Umayyah binti Qais al-Ghiffaria, who provided the medical assistance during the Battle of Khaybar. Aamin.

Abi and Ummi love you. And your brothers do, too, though sometimes they act like they don't, but boys will be boys ;D

Here are some snapshots of her handmade goody bag gifts and some scenes at school. These simple yet pretty personalised items were easy to make and fun to do, especially when the kids got involved in creating them (i.e. tearing the original label, cutting the new label into small pieces, sticky dot them). Alwani (and I) love the end product. Credit to Aisyah who helped in this process.

Crispy chocolate bar
Goody bag for school

Mini mentos

Ang-pow from Nenek

She wanted a white, pink and princessy cake. So there you go!  

Attacking the cake till the base @ Wadi Ez-Zahra. Delish!



  1. happy birthday Alwani dearie from Kak Athi

  2. Thanks 'kakak' Athi! Completing your 100% total time with Ilyas soon, eh? All the best, babe!

  3. Salam,
    Mencari taska untuk anak 3 thn. Bagus tak Wadi EzZahra? Ini di Gong Badak atau Padang Nenas? TQ.


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