Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I learn from 'Machik Norziah aka Mak Shafis - Mee Rebus Johor'

I learned this recipe when I stayed in Dealy Close, Cannington, when the purple-skinned-white-flesh kumara were in abundance. At that time Shafis' mom worked her magic in the kitchen. I missed those 'hu-ha' carefree moments.

This is my reproduction of Macik Norziah's Mee Rebus. Made the meal for two main reasons:
1. The orange-flesh kumara was super cheap in Mydin last week. 
2. Mr Hubs randomly talked about Mak Shafis' mee rebus (what a huge hint!!)

Ingredients for:
A1. heaps of onions, 1 inch ginger, garlic, chilli powder
A2. 2 sticks of lemon grass, Babas fish curry powder
A3. 3 tbs dried shrimps
B1. Kumara of any type  - peel, wash, dice, boil, blend
Blend A1, A2 and A3. Stir fry in a big pot with appropriate amount of oil.
If you have shrimp stock, chuck it in the pot, if not, water will do. 
When all are nicely boiled, pour in the blended kumara. Add sugar, if needed. 

Deep fried tofu - diced.
Mustard green aka sawi - chopped as you like.
Bean sprouts - blanched super quickly.
Eggs - boiled and halved.
Green chilles - thinly sliced.
Fried shallots.

Spaghetti/Yellow noodle/Mee gemuk (in Alwani's language)

Keropok (which I didn't do since lacking of ingredients during this attempt)
Rice flour
Finely chopped garlic
Chicken cube
Mixed them all till very thin. Deep fry. 
Spread thinly at the sides of the frying pan.

Thanks Machik Norziah!

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