There are a few agendas behind this blogspot:
  1. I need to brush up on my writing skills. I am an educator who teaches students to write, hence, I need to polish my skills in writing 'unacademically', meaning, I do not plan to write and publish my journal articles in this blogspot. Practice what I preach, that is why this blog was developed.  
  2. I would love to share what I learn in life with an e-audience (whose comments and ideas are much requested). I may have a different (or cynical) way of seeing incidents and episodes in my life and I do try my best to look at them positively. I want my children to read this, thus I want to share my thoughts and advice with them using this free channel. Hopefully, one, if not many will benefit from my two cents worth of thoughts, insha Allah.
  3. Muhasabah (self-reflection) page. I hope I can learn from my mistakes and improve on my achievements to become a better servant of Allah.
  4. Can I actually engage others using writing (at least my husband's)? This is a big challenge for me. In addition, I want to see how persistent I can be in keeping this blog 'alive' and not bore myself to sleep.
Wallahu a'lam.
A mirror reflection = 'What I learn'
(KLCC, 25 April, 2010)
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