Friday, June 1, 2012

What I learn from 'the correlation between AirAsia and Good shoes'.

Being a frequent flyer of AirAsia (KT-LCCT), I was excited to check the hypotheses of my small correlational study. 

The hypotheses - Good pair of (new Clarks.. =p) shoes is needed if you fly with AirAsia.
The test - Look for associations of excessive walking during outbound and inbound flights. 

Online Clarks with Syifa's Shope (Su is a UMT staff!)

From my case study, it was discovered that in deed, there's a perfect positive relation (r = +1) between the two variables. Especially during the last trip, I was requested to embark the flight twice! There was oil spill underneath the aircraft and all passengers were asked to abort the plane...

(This entry is to justify my recent purchase of Clarks shoes - a justification to myself (and the other half!)... I need to make it sound academic and scientific to make it more dramatic! hahahhahahah....)

In addition, to adik-adik, there are alot of fancy shoes out there, but do take care of your feet when purchasing your shoes. You're going to use them all your life (your feet, not the same shoes!!)... do take care of them. Invest on good, comfortable and supportive shoes. And, skimpy and sloppy pairs will not do justice to your nice outfit.. seriously!

Well, I have to admit, it was worth it! Thanks Su for the Clark-y! Better price next time? =p

p/s My love and thanks to my husband for purchasing me an unexpected black coach-y bag to match the shoes! Love you, loads!!

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  1. totally agree with u on shoes, not the price as a comparison but how comfortable it is to your feet


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