Thursday, June 14, 2012

What I learn 'Allah's Green creations'

Nothing much to say.. but lots of photos of our novice efforts in the lawn. We believe flowers and tended garden adds 'shimmers and shine' to the house. May Allah counts our efforts in caring for His creations (as well as being responsible tenants to our landlord! Hope they are happy (and wont increase the rent!) =D)

Mini roses, given FOC by a local nursery after the bad monsoon season last Dec.
A full bloom, also given by Zie's Nursery (12.2011)
Pluck it and stick them in the pot..
Blooms from 9am-12pm daily.

Non-stop action since we bought them (032009)

Pretty bunch of 'bunga tahi ayam'! (rabbits dislike them!)

Daun kesum or Vietnamese cilantro/mint (regularly snipped. Wash and keep them in the freezer.) - One of the most popular items in the garden, neighbours will come in and pluck some for their singgang.

Turmeric in a pot! (Look at the sizes of the leaves... lovely in rendang!) - it started as a tiny remnant of unused herb in the kitchen.. and vavavoom... it grows and grows!

Kaffir lime plant (Limau purut) - a pot given by our next door neighbour. I learn from her that plants are fantastic gifts. Just imagine, every time I use this in Tom Yam, she receives blessings from Him. Subhanallah!

Aloe vera (lovely in juices!) - was given by the cleaner of Klinik Desa Mengabang Telipot. She told us to use it for burn wounds. A thoughtful gesture, I reckon (06.2010)

Ginger plants (and a lonesome ulam raja! - we replanted the other 'monarchs' in a secluded area, where rabbits can't munch them!). This ginger plant was a good friend of mine during the confinement days! Ahahha..

Galangal (lengkuas), another favorite items of our neighbours. (Neighbours will enter the house, take any herbs they need and go back to their respective kitchens... cool eh? I think that's why this plant is growing so well.)

Peonies in a pot..  =D

Plant plants.
Persevere, water and fertilize them.
Ponder upon His super greatness.
Priceless buds.
(Put them in the pot)
Precious dine..


  1. love your plants/garden! i'm just starting. wish me luck :)

  2. It's best to plant when it's not especially hot or sunny. An overcast day when rain is forecast is ideal, your watering will get done for you.

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