Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I learn from 'the walk: KLCC-Chulan Towers'

I walked. It was a rather long walk. I took the LRT from Wangsa Maju to KLCC and determined to find my way to Chulan Towers, by foot. Alhamdulillah, I found the seminar room in Nottingham University, KL Campus, the destination for the day, and alhamdulillah, I arrived on time.

I learned a few lessons during the walk:
  1. It's not near! I thought the walk would take around 10-15 minutes, but I actually walk, from KLCC LRT station, across Suria KLCC, heading to KL Convention Centre, across Jalan Pinang and using Pavillion and Royale Chulan Hotel as landmarks, I arrived at Chulan Towers after 25 minutes of brisk walking (with drenched and soaked blouse!). The lesson is, do wear good shoes which wouldn't kill your feet. And from my 'little' experience of shoe shopping, good shoes will usually cost more. So, invest in buying good shoes, and wear it. Those shoes which are expensive and comfortable are meant for wearing, not collecting dust on the shoe rack!
  2.  If it's a new route, PLEASE make sure that you have ample time for your 'experiment'. Please bear in mind that difficulties in finding the place and getting lost or hurting your feet or even out of breath might be some factors that could make you late (or verrry late). Thus make sure that you spare some minutes for those circumstances. 
  3. I learned that the guards working in KLCC do have good instructional discourse. If I didn't meet the first man who actually had given me a precise set of instructions on how to reach Pavillion, I might have changed my mind and took the cab during the peak-and-crazy traffic jam hours! But 'Latiff' (name on the shirt) and his other two mates that I met near Aquaria and another one, at KL Convention Centre lobby were very helpful in giving clear and concise directions. Well done. Plus, they helped me with genuine smiles on their face. Fab isn't it?
  4. Don't be shy to ask. Since GARMIN cannot help me in finding directions that morning, I asked, and asked (4 times) anyone sensible.
  5. On my way, I saw office workers in their working attire changed from high heels to sport shoes to jog and brisk walk at the beautiful KLCC Park. I applaud these ladies since they took an initiative to take care of their health, though they lead pretty hectic lives in KL. Bravo!
  6. That brought me to point number 6. I need a regular exercise regime to stay healthy and in shape! If they can do it, why can't I?
  7.  The other great thing that I learned from my walk that morning another healthy lifestyle of some city citizens. Two young ladies took out two Tupperware containers from their tote bags and gave it to the hawkers at the side of the road and said 'Macam biasa, ya Mak Cik. Terima kasih.' (The usual please, thank you). And the street hawkers packed her breakfast (or lunch) in the container and said 'RM2.50 please'. It was RM0.50 less since she uses her own container! I knew this because I was standing near the hawker, waiting patiently for the 'walking green man' so that I can cross Jalan Pinang safely, and the other friend said, 'Aisey, need to pay RM3 today, left my Tupperware at the pantry!'
I learned 7 things from my 25-minute walk. I enjoyed the walk!


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  1. And yes, I'm a self-confessed Tupperware addict.


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