Monday, July 12, 2010

What I learn from 'Tashiru'.

Tashiru is a new found R&B Nasyeed boy band that my husband discovered and he recommended them to me since he knew the genre I enjoyed listening to. And, Masha Allah, I do!

The faces of Tashiru.

What I learn from Tashiru is the need to improve and be innovative in our professions. What I see today, in the classrooms, some of the teaching styles are not tailored to match the evolving students' profiles. It is sad to see bored faces in the classroom since the students cannot engage with their teachers or lecturers. They'll come out of the lecture theaters not learning anything.

A song from Tashiru Maaf 'tuk Berpisah (I'm sorry to leave you for the sake of Allah) is an example of their 'teaching methods' that they use to educate young (and old) Muslims in regards to keeping a relationship pure and untainted. Sadly, it's not a common practice in Malaysia for the teens or young adults to get to know each other according to the Prophet's ways. 

I'm grateful to Allah that I was protected from this 'phenomena', because I know that some of my friends and relatives do feel 'trapped' in it and it's hard to 'let go'. But, trust me, if your love is for the sake of Allah, and you can't perform your akad soon for whatever reasons, just keep your distance (physically and emotionally). Please don't make the devils happy. Please don't stain our parents 'books' just because you love him/her. Discuss and communicate to one another to meet again on your akad nikah event. 
It's not impossible. We've done it, so can you!

Another point that I learn from Tashiru is that, as a parent, I have to cater the needs of my lil' munchkins as children of nowadays, not olden days. I have to be updated with all the technologies of teaching and finding interesting materials to make learning a fab experience for them. 'Chalk and talk' method is  not useful for young learners who have short attention span and a preference for learning that involves exploration and discovery (Verzat, Byrne and Fayolle, 2009). We need and are responsible to seek ways to make learning a 'cool' thing. 

And I think Tashiru is 'cool!

Tashiru has a big similarity with my research. Both are finding better ways to connect and engage with our audiences. We are searching for tools to improve our ways to impart knowledge. The difference is, Tashiru has already found their ways to capture their audiences - they have their findings and solutions, I haven't and still (re)searching. With that, May Allah eases my PhD journey and yours, too, aamin.

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