Saturday, July 3, 2010

What I learn from 'Adik, the Freshman'.

I remembered the first time embarking into MH1 flight to London Heathrow alone, without my parents. 15 years has passed, I was turning 18 at that time, leaving the comfortable place called home and jumped into a new adventure of life. It was FANTASTIC!

Those days I learn to be independent, to save money for trips, learn how to interact with others, cook, shop, keep in touch with my family members by letters and phone, learn independently, know my rights, the list is endless.

(UniSZA Registration Day July, 2010)

This morning, as I drove towards my home from the market, I passed two universities: Universiti Malaysia Terengganu and Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin - looking at the amount of cars and people sending new freshmen to new varsity lives, I remembered my Abah told me during the car ride to KLIA, 15 years ago: "Go and come back, not just with a degree in hand, but with KNOWLEDGE and priceless EXPERIENCES in your heart and mind."

I believe that advice is priceless.

For me, university life is not just about books and exams, it's a place where you should learn to build your character and interest - it's a pit stop before you enter adulthood. It's not a place to waste your time and buy a new phone as the PTPTN scholarship is banked in. No! Save your money! Put aside a sum of money as savings, let it be a habit for your future. Know your rights and don't let anyone step on your head.

Keep in touch with your parents. Tell them you love them and thank them for educating you and loving you, even when you have messed up. Communicate openly while you still have the chance.

(Adik and Kak Nor, as they say 'Goodbye' in Losong, KT)

A uni is a place where you should learn to study others' characters. Whether one is a person you can trust; a person you can joke openly with; a person who can offer you a shoulder to cry on; a person you can lend your money/things to (and will get it back!); a person you who can motivate you; a person that you need to keep your distance, for he/she can influence you negatively and the list can go on and on. It's a fantastic time to observe and know people's characters, and try to absorb and the good things from others, in order to make you a better servant of Allah. One should learn to choose a good and trustworthy group of friends.

Alhamdulillah. Be thankful to Allah. Not everyone is blessed with university life.

All in all, it's the beginning of a new semester. For the teachers and lecturers in the universities, it's back to their core job, teaching and feeding the students with knowledge, hoping that they will be better person upon graduation. I pray that Allah eases the workload for these lecturers and teachers, aamin. May the students in the universities will enjoy their undergraduate lives and may the knowledge and experience that they gain will be a gateway for a better future of Islam, aamin.

All the best, Adik! Thanks for sharing today with me.

Adik aka Ayman Shahim, Diploma Al-Quran & Sunnah, UniSZA and I.

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