Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What I learn from ‘the Hajj Health Check’ – Episode I

August 3rd, 2010 was eventful for Al Fateh and I. Al Fateh entered a new pre-school in Seremban. My Mak was a bit anxious for her grandson, but I know and believe that Al Fateh could carry himself well, insha Allah (and he did, alhamdulillah). Secondly, the event that I’m going to give my mini recount would be the Hajj Health Check session in Klinik Kesihatan Seremban 2.

Hajj health check is a compulsory pit stop for all who intend to go to Makkah for Hajj. For me, after undergoing the session (as well as being a devoted follower of the Amazing Race series), this health check session was an elimination round for few. The Bakal Haji (BH) or the pilgrims of Hajj-to-be went under various health tests i.e. blood pressure level, glucose in blood level, various blood tests, BMI was taken, lung (semput) test and in the end, if you passed all this, a Meningitis jab would be rewarded and your Hajj health book will be ticked either in the yellow or green box.

If the red box is ticked, you’re eliminated. Come again next week for another go, or try again next year.

Yes, it was a daunting experience for some. And I really pity them, a couple cried after leaving the MD’s hub, shaking their heads to another family member. The first lady was given a tick in her red box because her BP was tremendously high, even after taking medication. The second gentleman was still in shock to know that he was diagnosed to have TB.

What I learn here is that HEALTH is a big issue to consider if one is planning to perform the Hajj. It is not only our physical health, our mental and imaan as well as bank account health must be healthy, too. We need to have regular exercise and have good food intake in order not to get eliminated. We need to upgrade our wajib and sunnah deeds. We need to make sure that we have the minimum of RM9980 in our Tabung Haji account plus a couple of extra Ks as contingency (please refer to a fab book, Haji Muda for more info). Not to forget, enough money in our CIMB Islamic to support the three munchkins who are going to stay with Nenek and Atok for nearly 2 months.

Hence, the second lesson is to plan your Hajj (account) journey. We registered with Tabung Haji Ampangan a week after our solemnization (akad nikah) which was days after the 15th of August, 2004. I was determined to deposit my husband’s gifts to me (dowry/mas kahwin and part of wang hantaran) as well as all the money collected from the guests who came to our wedding in Seremban to be the basis of our accounts. We had 2011 as the projected year to be Hajj pilgrims. (A huge THANK YOU to all who were very generous in making our Hajj dreams come true! Insha Allah, we’ll make sure your gifts to us are ‘worth it’). Just to inform you, we are actually in the waiting list this year, hopefully with your support and help, we'll be able to perform Hajj at the end of 2010, insha Allah.

Back to the topic; remember the red, yellow and green box? I learned one possible solution on how not to be eliminated at the Hajj health Check pit stop. Plan to perform Hajj at our healthier and younger age. This is not a sure solution, but at least, with His grace, the old-age illness i.e high BP, diabetic, gout, sore ankles and knees, backache etc are far isolated from our health. In addition, our energy level is still high, insha Allah. With the strength that we still have, we pray that we can help others during the pilgrimage which in a way will be the ‘added value’ for us to present to Allah. Furthermore, from my little observations, those who belong in the age group of lower than 40 had a very low tendency of being eliminated. All were granted ticks in the green and yellow boxes, Alhamdulillah.

I’m happy that I am still in His ‘Amazing Grace’ journey. (Ya Allah, please accept my husband and I as your VIP guests to visit Baitullah this year, and please ease our Hajj journey throughout.. aamin ya Rabb).



  1. amin... InsyaAllah dipermudahkan... :D

  2. Thanks Sya! We'll get the 'formal invitation' from Tabung Haji 3rd week of Ramadhan insha Allah.

  3. Azza.. K Has doakan Azza dan Fadzil diJEMPUT ALLAH untuk menunaikan Haji tahun ni,... Insya Allah....Ya Allah... permudahkanlah urusan AZZA dan FADZIL dan sekiranya tahun ni adalah tahun terbaik dan saat terbaik untuk mereka menunaikan haji, maka jemputlah mereka ke Baitullah... ameenn....

  4. ameen. Terima kasih Kak Has. It means alot to us! Jazakillah.


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