Thursday, October 20, 2011

What I learn from 'Blood Sugar Profile for GDM'.

I was requested by the GP in Wakaf Tengah Clinics to perform the Blood Sugar Profile (BSP) test during my 15th week pregnancy check-up. I personally thought something was wrong but I was ensured by the Medical Officer that it was a procedure for risky pregnancy cases (multiple pregnancy for me) as well as as patients whose parents are diabetic. Since I belonged to both, I was obliged to do the BSP test. 

BSP is basically a test whereby the nurse will prick your fingers to get some blood and measure the amount of sugar in your body. The reading target for normal amount (in Malaysia) is 3.5 - 5.9. There will be four readings per day - before breakfast (0730), post breakfast (0930), post lunch (1300) and post dinner (1700). The reading would show whether the organs in your body are working as it should. And if the reading is not right, meaning too high, it means you're prone to be diabetic and your baby in the womb might be bigger than usual. Close monitoring needs to be done.

Oh, before that, you need to drink this cupful of syrup... thick one. It's not diluted and it's yucky!! hahah... (and dont throw it in the drain when the nurses are not watching!!)

So, during the whole pregnancy, I did 4 BSP tests in Klinik Desa Mengabang Telipot. Went there 4 times per day when the blood was needed. Here was my results!!


Alhamdulillah, my readings were good. And I did not cheat! Cheating in the sense that, some of other patients openly told me that they skipped meals in order to get good readings. Some didn't eat the normal food that they usually take. 

However, it defeats the purpose of doing the BSP, isn't it? These tests are meant to inform the doctors (and ourselves, too) on how our body works and whether medications are needed to control our illness. To make sure that they know the baby(ies) in our wombs are not going to be huge, to avoid complications during birth. So, cheating is unnecessary, ladies!

A few lessons learned during the whole of this BSP procedure. Firstly, dont be scared. It's just a routine and you are not going to die while undergoing this procedures. The pin prick feels like a kerengga bite.

Secondly, dont cheat. The medical team doesn't know that you're cheating, it's not their problem anyway! The problem is yours, later on. When the baby is overloaded with sugar and it gets so huge (because you only skip meal 4 times during the whole pregnancy, but the rest of it... jeng jeng jeng...), there might be complications. So, one of the purpose of BSP procedure is to inform the med teams about your condition, and steps to avoid complications later on. So, again, please don't cheat.

Thirdly, dont skip appointment. Yes, it is a hassle, but it's for your own good, and the life in your womb, too!



  1. Thanks for Shared this post. i like this blog.

  2. Good sharing...agreed with u dear...cheating can bring mom & baby to bad situation later...


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