Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I learn from 'You'll never walk alone 2 - Caesarean experience'

Continuation from 'You'll Never Walk Alone 1'

I was greeted at the OT door by an anesthetist. Fluently verse in English and Malay, informing me all the risks performing spinal during the c-sect op. During the Q&A, I politely asked the anest that I really wanted a reassurance that the spinal would work during op, I had a bad experience with Yusuf, whereby the epidural didn't work since all the meds were tubed onto the hosp bed. 

She was very kind by telling me that she would prove to me it'd work. 'And don't stop your du'as and zikr, they are our weapons as Muslims', masha Allah, another support sent by Allah! Allahu Akbar!!

7.15 pm
I was wheeled into the actual OT where the operation would be held. I saw some familiar faces (SN A, Dr Anest) smiling under their surgical masks. By the way, I still had big contractions and in between one of the contractions, SN A and another nurse propped me up and asked me to recite salawat, bismillah and shahadah, and sit very still - so I did. After completing the shahadah, Dr Anest called, 'Spinal in' and patted my shoulder. Praise to Allah, it was done so smoothly that I was not in pain, and most importantly, I was not agitated!

(within a minute, I felt pin and needles on my toes then no sensation at all. I tried to wiggle my foot, but nothing happen. It was a weird feeling, I must admit!)

Dr Anest then came next to me with a pin, and said, 'Do you feel anything?'
- 'What do you mean doc?'
'I'm pricking your thigh..' (then she pricked the same pin onto my arms)
- 'Ouch!'
'So the meds is working, insha Allah. Dont worry, you are in superb hands. This surgical team is the best!' consoled Dr Anest.
- 'Alhamdulillah. Thanks alot Doc!'

Then a formal introduction begins. Yes, the have a taaruf session in the OT! They introduced themselves.

'First surgeon, Dr K'
'Second surgeon, Dr Q'
'Anesthetist, Dr Anest'
'Pediatrics, Dr X' 
'First catcher, SN A'
'2nd catcher, SN X'
'SN Y'
'SN Z'


'Patient?' called Dr K again.
- 'Oh I need to introduce myself as well?'
'Yes, ma'am!'
- 'Hi all, you're going to cut AZZA JAUHAR AHMAD TAJUDDIN'
And everybody laughed.

And so the procedure started. My bed was strategically situated under the shiny new aluminum lights, whereby the reflection was directly on the operated area. Yes, I was able to see the whole procedure, LIVE and EXCLUSIVE!! I can see people playing with the inside of my body!!! 

I faced the left, SN A told me gently not to face that side, since there was alot of tools.
I faced the right, another staff nurse told me that my bp reading was not stable if I face that way.
I looked up, shut my eyes, SN A called my name, I answered, she said please keep my eyes open, so that they knew that I was awake. 
Oh no!!! I need to look at the LIVE telecast!!!

Yes, I saw the surgeons cut three layers of my tummy, putting a 'transformers gadget' which opened up the cut to a nice size. slide through some organs (I think) and.......... taraaa... first twin in a pouch! It was grey! Dr K pulled it up and showed me and quickly handed him to the first catcher, '1945, first twin', announced Dr K.

The next minute, the second was pulled, another grey pouch. 'Just like in the shopping center, buy one get one free!' I exclaimed. 
Dr A chuckled then told me, 'I should tell my wife that! By the way, I have a set of twins too, both girls, SN A has a set of girls as well, Dr K has a boy and girl twins, Dr X the paeds is expecting twin boys!'
Dr K, 'A room full of privileged parents of twins!'

Then the sewing process took place. It took Dr K half an hour to sew me up. Upon finishing, Dr A quickly asked Dr K's permission to leave the OT to perform the maghrib prayers. Subhanallah, I was helped by good Muslims, alhamdulillah!

SN A and SN X then approached me with my boys! Masha Allah... those two babies were swimming in my womb minutes ago, and now, they are breathing on their own. Smooched them, confirmed their IDs on the blue tags on their feet and they were then moved to NICU.

Twin A, Twin B
2.1kg, 2.2kg
1945, 1946
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for making the experience a beautiful one. You ease the way... thank you Allah.


  1. yes! finally i can read ur experience labouring these two munchkins of urs...
    Alhamdulillah and Subhanallah.
    our c-zer experience was totally different...

    1. Athi, was yours a bad one? Mine was an emergency c-sect, since I'm a Group B Strap + carrier... they took it as a preventive measures. Kalau air mentuban kena baby, boleh kacau breathing system. So takut kena second twin masa push.. That's why they 'kerat' me!

  2. mine was a bad one, i think. I had been 9 hours in labour room.before doc decided to take me for emergency csect sbb baby tak nak turun.then i was fully bius..xnampak apa2.pengsan.even xsempat rs baby on my body after deliver.but top of all, bersyukur semua selamat


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