Monday, May 2, 2011

What I learn from 'the calls'.

Have you experienced calling someone and their answer is 'Hold on, sec!' ('Kejap ya!')

How would you feel? 

Do you feel what I feel?

I get easily annoyed when I called the bigger children and received answers such as either of the above. What is more important than attending to my call? I'm the Ummi for heaven's sake!

And then, it triggered (while chopping some veggies, with a super sharp knife in my right hand). Why should they answer my calls quickly when I, myself didn't answer Allah's calls of prayers on the dot? He's the CREATOR for heaven's sake!

Do I answer the call for prayers promptly? Photo credit.

Hence, I learned that if I want my children to answer me promptly, I need to answer His calls promptly, too.  May He gives me strengths in doing so, and the same to my husband and children, too. Aamin.

Alwani gets ready for jamaah prayers. She still recites (very) loudly all verses during prayers.

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