Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I learn from 'the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010'.

Our family enjoys watching sports events together. This is the time to sit together where the kids and I learn new rules of some of the events, teaching the children about different flags, the medal table and reasonings (why 1 gold is better than 10 silver). These kinds of events set a platform for us to learn new things and communicate with each other.

The first thing that I believe Dato Seri Utama Rais Yatim, my state mate, should do is to send the RTM sports commentators for courses and training sessions to improve their communication with their audience (with the exception of Hasbullah Awang). These commentators should speak with substance; giving professional comments and opinions based on technical issues of the event, in-depth background on sports or its players and any other information related to the events. I was watching the lawn bowl event, and the commentator kept on repeating, 'Oh tidak! Mengapa X (the Malaysian player), mengapa?', 'oh, sukar buat Malaysia', 'Aduhai, mintak-mintak jauh' and it was tremendously annoying! What I learn is that, these commentators need to do their homework on the issues stated earlier. They should also watch and learn from other professional sports commentators from abroad on their commentating skills.

Gold Muslimah
Do you know who is Nur Ayuni Halim and Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi? These two ladies are the top guns in 10M Air Rifle. I'm so proud of them when they stood on the stage to accept their gold medals with their white hijaabs, declaring that they are true Muslims. To me, it's a fabulous way to portray that Muslim ladies can be excellent sports women. It gives hopes and motivations to the young emerging lady athletes in the universities, SBPs, MRSMs and schools, as well as proving to them that the hijaab is not a reason for them to be inactive in sports. I believe that our two top guns have discretely performing their dakwah, masha Allah. 

Praises on air
Astro's effort on recognising the successes of our athletes should be applauded. Those short clips on the Malaysian contingent achievements - on the stage receiving medals, and off the stage, fighting as true champions, were excellent. It stirred the interest of the kids to know and watch the sports, and making the athletes themselves, and their parents and family members feel appreciated and proud of their hard work and achievements. I am a big believer that all accomplishments, big or small, should be highlighted. This will make others feel highly motivated to do better, or to follow the others footsteps to become successful. 

Insha Allah, I always try to draw attention to the successes of my husband and children, since I know that it makes them feel appreciated and loved. Even picking up the rubbish should be applauded so that the munchkins know that it is a good deed and by doing so, they are loved by us, and up mostly, Allah.
Alwani is the Queen in seeking praises! We don't mind giving them to her, but she needs to earn it!

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