Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I learn from 'the reconstruction of the Great Kanto Highway, Japan'

When there's a will, there's a way.  

Great Kanto Highway. Credit to AP/Daily Mail online picture 

Looking at this photo, I couldn't help but to feel astounded and at the same time motivated to get back to my stack of surveys which hasn't been punched into SPSS. In my previous entry, I found it amazing on how the Japanese reacted after the great earthquake and tsunami. Then, looking at this vivid before and after photos, it proved to me that they are highly resistant and disciplined lot.

I want myself and my children to have the same attitude in life. I need to teach myself and my children that despite any chaos or nerve-wracking moments that we have to endure in life, we need to stand by each other, will not panic or blame each other, but work together to restore peace and order in our lives.

Another lesson learned from the photo above is the astonishing speed of reconstruction which makes me believe that the Nippons will come around faster then I can imagine. Together with their positive and winning mental attitude, there's no question about the nation's ability to get back on its feet

Hence, if we ever stumble and fall during the course of life, we need to adopt the fabulous positive energy displayed by the Japanese. With the spirit of togetherness, positive and winning mental attitude, and high quality job done, we will surely can make changes in our lives by leaps and bounds.

The hypothesised formula from this phenomenon is; 
Positive attitude + strong determination + fantastic effort = 
a HUGE difference in your life.


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