Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I learn from 'Petronas stations'.

Al Fateh's 6.5 hours journey from Kuala Terengganu - Penang.
(Location: Penang Bridge.)

For a frequent long-hours car-riders like us, Petronas station is an essential stop, not just to fill up the tank, but also to pray and do some 'jajan' shopping for the kids. We love Petronas, especially with the ones with good Mesra shops. I'm going to highlight on three Petronas stations that have super service, 1) Merang, Terengganu (in front of Aryani Hotel) 2) Jeli, Kelantan (with the SUPERmarket-size Mesra shop) and 3) Jalan Pantai, Seremban (near the long-queue car wash place).

What is super service? My definitions:
1) Extra clean (toilets and prayer rooms)
2) Polite (the workers greet us with Salam and 'Selamat Datang' with smiles not forced.)
3) Cash machine (that works) and there's even a post office in Merang Petronas Station!
4) Concern (when they ask us how can they help?)

Accessed on 27.6.2010

I'm embarrass to admit this, but I always choose to do my Jamak and Qasar prayers during the long journeys in the Petronas stations, rather than the mosques. Why? I know where the wudhu' and praying areas for the ladies are, not having to 'tawaf' the mosques 7 times to find my way and sadly, these stations are always cleaner, compared to some of our mosques.

What I learn from my extensive visits to the Petronas stations, firstly, it's not hard to offer a smile and be polite, not just to my neighbors, colleagues at work or visitors in my home, but more to my husband and the three munchkins I have. Secondly, keep clean. It's sunnah, anyway. Keeping myself, the kids, the inner and outer house clean and presentable all the time, it's a must. You never know when the angels plan to visit! All the time, hopefully.


  1. Salam Azza, we prefer petronas too for praying purposes.. hehe.. 10 steps dah sampai.. WIth the kids around, we always take turns to pray. SO it helps! Btw, thanks for the star chart entry.. I started doing it for Danish. it's 20 days to his birthday, we got his dream thomas' track toy in the car boot already. But u gave him a reason to deserve the gift. He's enjoying getting a star daily, just by putting away his toys everyday.

  2. Well done Didi! Tidak ku sangka jauh perjalanan 'star chart' itu! He's a July babe too?! Al Fateh's will be on the 25/7. Danish? Take care Didi!

  3. Danish's on 18th.. Al Fateh leh join us celebrate la camni.. Rumah kami kat TDSB tu penuh ngan july babies!


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