Sunday, June 27, 2010

What I learn from my Penang trip.

Alhamdulillah, I have great pals.

Allah grant me fantastic friends, those from my childhood days in Convent Seremban (and one who now bakes special cookies for me!); my unforgettable teenage years in TKC; my nearly-7 incredible years in Edinburgh (and all around UK); my studying-working years in UKM; my wonderful 3years-and a bit in Perth; my young and experienced 'Ganu-kite' colleagues from UMT; my new researcher friends in Nottingham Uni (Malaysia and UK campuses) and; not to forget, more friends whom I met along my way in life. These are precious people who make my life colourful and super interesting. I learn a lot from them. A lot.
A fabulous touch of Ila. Her iPhone cookie was super fancy and crunchy!

What I learn from my Penang trip, is the need to keep in touch. Yes, there's FB and YM but I'm a kind of person who needs human touch. And meeting dear friends heals the soul. Spending a bit of time with Rais MBA-to-be, N MD, Jua PhD-to-be, Kak Hafiz Phd during my trip in Penang was subhanallah, utterly wonderful. I purposely enclosed their titles to highlight their achievements in their lives that motivates me to strive for excellence.

When I first knew them, for example Jua, we were the fourth formers in TKC. We have nothing! Just our Pelangi and Sasbadi Text Book for SPM! But now, she is researching on Halal chicken productions and will be able to answer my questions: 'how halal are those chooks in Mydin, Tesco and Giant?' What I learn from Jua, though there were hurdles back then in Newcastle, she jumped over it and works towards her goals, harder!

Jua with her son, Emien Rais.

N was my housemate for four years back in Edinburgh. We shared too much! And now our daughters share clothes! Hahahha.. I learned and still learn alot from N. Her patience, care and thoughtfulness towards others are limitless! Her heart is huge. I pray that Allah eases her journey (and Minn's as well) becoming Specialists. Aamin.
N and Minn (Photo source: Minn's FB!)

The ever-cheerful Kak Hafiz who loves the yellow smiley, never fail to make me laugh! From my super short visit with her in Borders, Queensbay Mall, Penang, I learn that, whatever you face in life, chin up and smile! What's the use of crying and mourning? Subhanallah. Allah has been teaching her to be strong, from her PhD years in Edinburgh University and now, she needs to utilised the lessons she has learned to be a tough and wonderful mother of two young sons. Through kak Hafiz, I learn that Allah has beautiful ways to teach us. Hence, be grateful to Him.
Happy, chirpy kak Hafiz. We share the same birth date!

And not to forget a colleague, who was one of first to greet me as I arrived in FPE, UMT, Abdul Rais. What I learn from him is that take one step at a time, and you'll overcome your hardship and the success will follow suit, insha Allah. He reminds me of a song by Zain Bhika and Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Allah Knows. Anyway, we will never forget his kindness in Penang. His dinner treat was fabulous! I declare that I love Penang food! Thanks to Rais' recommendations!

Thank you Allah for my friends.


  1. Alhamdulillah, a truly inspiring blog from a non-narcissist altruist. Seriously.

    May Allah bestow upon you and your family His infinite blessings and rewards in tidal waves, one after the other. May Allah grant you and your family a clear horizon ahead. May Allah maketh the sun always shine above your unsheathed sword, eh pen, oh hey I mean keyboard.

    Amin, ya Rabbal 'Alamin.

  2. What a big complement that is Amzari! Need to open my thesaurus for one of the words!!! hahah! May Allah guides us in our different paths which will lead us to the same destination, Aamin.


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