Friday, June 25, 2010

What I learn from 'Cinderella's shoe story'.

I lost a shoe, my favorite brown shoe, on my way to Penang. I realised it as I was leaving the car for our destination, Vistana Penang, searching frantically for the left side of my brown shoe, and it was just not there! The last time my left foot was covered was during a photo shoot, somewhere near Grik, there was an elephant signboard... yes, a sign to warn us of elephants, and we're not in the zoo! That was the last place I wore both sides of the brown shoe.

Luckily, at 12 o'clock that night, my car didn't turn into a pumpkin, the kids were still kids, and not mice (though they were a bit monstrous since we were still enjoying our pasemboq and laksa penang at Padang Kota), and I didn't turn into an elephant!! (But at the rate we were eating in Penang, we could be one!)

Hence, what I learn from this Cinderella shoe story is, firstly, bring an extra pair of shoes in the car! If not, you'll be walking bare footed-ly into a 4 star hotel. Super embarrassing. Secondly, what I learn is, especially as a mom, while taking care of the kids and my husband, I need to take care of myself, too! Who else will do it for me? Thirdly, never forget to thank my husband for being patient. I did spend a good 15 minutes rummaging above and under the seats of the seven seater car for a brown shoe, while he patiently took care of the three excited and tired kids. Thanks again, bang!

p/s: As we drove along the same elephant sign spot on our way back, there was no sign of brown shoe. Sob. On a happier note, I got an approval to buy a new pair of brown shoes!! Thanks again, bang! =D


  1. errr what happened to the shoe ek? kalo aku sure heran n rasa ajaib..kat kaki alih2 hilang pulak..maybe one of the kids buang senyap2 kot..alasan suh beli kasut baru..hahaha..

  2. Oh God Farah, it's still a BIG HUGE mystery! Aku memang bukak kasut masa dalam keta. But still, takdelaa sampai hilangkan?? Hahah.. I agree with you, ada alasan nak beli kasut baru!


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