Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What I learn from the 'Star Charts'.

Al Fateh had been pretty engrossed with his Wii, which sometimes made him behaved like a Nozawa or Wolfgang (please Google the Lumberjack characters in Wii). Hence, my husband decided that he was going to keep the Wii console until Al Fateh knows how to behave himself like a Mii. This was when the 'Star Chart' emerged on our fridge and alhamdulillah it worked, tremendously well! Al Fateh needs to do 5 extra good deeds for the day, and he'll receive a star for each.

What I learn from this chart is self-drive and motivation. When we have a target set in mind, and we are actually determined to reach it, we will STRIVE for it. I learn that from my young Al Fateh.

Al Fateh managed to 'find' tasks that can actually speed-up his process to get his Wii reward. He cleaned-up the toys in his room, read to Alwani, even helped me with the pile of clothes! Super subhanallah!

On the other hand, since Alwani was very contented with her princesses and pink skirts, she didn't even bother to update her stars. The three year old pinky-girl told me, "I have what I want, Ummi".

I learn that, when one is contented and not bothered of aiming or accomplishing of anything, one will just let it be. So, my husband and I decided, the next star chart up, Alwani must have a goal, too!! Insha Allah.


  1. Yay..go star chart..aiman pun aku bribe dgn star chart..tidur bilik sendiri x kaco mummy-one star per night..mengaji pun bribe dgn star chart heheh..tapi dia x reti main wii lagi..reward so far senang2..dia yg mintak..5 stars>> feed the duck at the garden..playground etc heheh

  2. Fid! We have started a chart for Al Fateh's 5th birthday too! He wanted a party at school. So, as soon as the chart fills up, he can have one!

  3. Mashallah azza, love your postings!! very motivational ....keep it up ....

    k wan

  4. Thanks kak Wan! You should give me ideas on parenting!

  5. tcer, you started this star chart ms umur al fateh berapa? i want to try too.. my son is going to be 4 in Jan.


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