Sunday, February 28, 2010

What I learn from 'my priceless collection'

What's the priceless collection?
Leather bookmarks. 

Why are they so special?
It's lovely to see them day and night - reliving the memories I had during the fantastic years of my carefree undergraduate. Each has it own significant story... it's like a history of my journey when I was in the UK.

Where did I get them from?
From all the places that I went during the years of 1997-2003, namely;
  • Most of the universities I visited in the UK, from the student unions.
  • Various places of interest in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Countries I visited using my cleaner wage: Italy, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Turkey, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Spain. 

Why bookmarks?
Back then: It was the cheapest item I could grab in a souvenir shop, and the lightest, too! It's long-lasting and durable. (But the real reason I bought it back then was because it costs me only 99p!!)

Nowadays: I actually have a story time with the kids - telling them where did I buy the specific bookmark, when did I buy it, with whom I traveled with, what's special about that place, and surprisingly, there were more to tell when the kids asked the details about the visits. (And subhanallah, with the technology of Google Earth and great images in the net, it makes the story time real and more meaningful and vivid for the children!)

So, to my friends who are fortunate enough to be in the UK, I strongly suggest leather bookmarks for a long lasting memory of your days there!

My priceless collection: aged 7 - 11 years old.
Kept them in 5 IKEA frameless clip frames.
(low quality pix were taken using my Nokia 3.2mpixel, sorry!)


  1. salam k.azza, yg pi germany?

  2. AND YESS!!! The adventurous trip with you and Nonoi to the wonderful Malmo, Sweden - Copenhagen, Denmark and GERMANY!!! Ingat tak the custom officers check passport kita masa dalam train macam kita ni suicide bomber?! Hahahhahah... that was scary, wasn't it!?!!

  3. ha'ah ingat agaagagaaa!!! mcm la kita nak hijack that train =D and i'm still vcam shy and still can't read map properly (sebab dah byk kali sesat when i read map & hubby drive hehehe...)...legoland was superb (tho sejuk gedi) & copenhagen was breathtaking ..sigh...nak pi lagiii!


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