Thursday, May 3, 2012

What I learn from 'Bye-bye CDs!!'

At the age of 3 years and 3 months, Yusuf finally manage to say, 'I'm nappy free!!'

'I'm nappy free at the age of three!!'

We are sooo proud of him, though it took us a few times (since he was 2 and a half), to potty train him. It was a bit hard at the beginning since he sent us mixed messages, i.e, he wanted to pee, sat on the toilet and he'd say 'Eh, pee tak nak keluar!' (pee is not coming out!). And once we put back the nappy on, he'd pee like a turned-on water pipe!

Lesson #1 - Keep the nappy off! We were actually sending him mixed messages, putting it on and off. Of course Yusuf will be more comfortable to pee in the nappy, he had been doing it since birth! So, once you take off those diapers and put on the underwear, never put on the diapers again!

And so, we took it off (even asked the girls in the nursery to cooperate and do the same!) and (of course) there were only 2 accidents at nursery, and one in his bedroom, and that's it! No forcing, lots of encouragement. 

Lesson#2 - Remember that our children will do it in their own time. When they're ready, we'll be amazed at how quickly they become trained. Just take our time, don't scold, nag or fuss and most of all, don't worry (especially about money since Yusuf is on cloth diaper!)

Lesson #3 - Start only after our child signals his readiness. If we force them to do something that they're not sure of, we will feel defeated (and they will be scolded). Keep an eye out for common clues, like staying dry for longer periods of time (indicating stronger bladder control), wanting to wear "big kid" underwear, or telling you when he's soiled a diaper.

Took a CD from his nursery bag and chuck it in the bin, telling me, 'I don't need this anymore!'

Lesson #4 - We offer praise and prizes. After Yusuf peed in the toilet, we made the BIGGEST fuss in the house (Al Fateh, Alwani included). We cheered, clapped, danced around, hoping it will make Yusuf felt he has done something wonderful and he'll want to do it again and again. We had planned to reward him, but praises were enough to make him happy!

Lesson #5 - Extra motivational boost.. In addition, we used a sticker rewards chart for my three year old, Yusuf. He was rewarded with a sticker of his choice that he was able to put on the sticker chart he created with me AFTER he peed. Poos earned double stickers (hahaha.. seriously! Yusuf found it hard to poo in the toilet). 

He's fully trained in 5 days! Alhamdulillah..

So, to mommies out there who's planning to potty train, stay calm and keep our child motivated. You can do it, (and they'll surely do it, too!)


  1. Assalamualaikum...

    Tcer,what to do dgn anak yg kencing malam ni? Ada petua x? My son is 4++ yo. Tp sekarang ni, setiap malam bocor, tanpa gagal. Pening dah. Tak tau dah nak buat apa.

  2. Malam mungkin kena kejut dia and bawak pergi toilet. Mungkin dia hisap botol sebelum tidur, memang bladder penuh. Kami make sure dia dah tak berbotol, so that adengan bocor ini tak jadi. Jenuh ek nak menjemur tilam? Tabahkan hatimu!!! =D


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