Monday, April 30, 2012

What I learn from 'one quiet weekend'

Alwani is in need of an artsy activity. She is high with nasi lemak breakfast meal, which includes 3 hard boiled eggs. So yes, she needs an activity where she can sit down and not pester others (which she loves to do when she's high on energy!)

Very lady-like, isn't it? hahah

Since it was a nice breezy morning, next to the clean and dry drain we sat. Crayons and scrap papers out. And I taught the kids what I learned during an art class in Convent Seremban (decades ago!). Shading and tracing different surfaces. Simple and very easy!

Even Yusuf was intrigued and excited to join in!

Since Abi's birthday is coming up very soon, we used Alwani and Yusuf's artwork as a wrapping paper. Creative, useful and meaningful activity (and extremely easy)!

Present wrapped!

I'm happy when they are happy! =D

WARNING: You can do this activity outdoor/indoor, but please make sure you (or your landlord) wont get angry if the tiles are stained if you do it indoor!

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