Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I learn from 'reward vs bribe'

Teaching our own kids to memorise Al Quran is a challenge. My husband and I have to find more and more ways to motivate Al Fateh (just him, for now) to enjoy the hafazan session. 

At the moment, rewarding him is the best motivation. 

But my husband once asked me, 'Is this a good way to teach him? Is not a bribery?' Good point..

So, after consolidating with the notions of reward vs bribe, these are my definitions of the two variables (eh.. bunyi macam research paper lah pulakkk...)

REWARD - gift(s) given AFTER a goal or an objective has been achieved.
BRIBE - gift(s) given BEFORE the task even started.

For this reason, I continue on the 'reward system' that we've been using, so far, it has been proven to be successful - a boy who is highly motivated, have longer concentration, persevere (though Ummi asked him to repeat nearly 50 times!). 

Good boy, Al Fateh! Masha Allah.
After completing his monthly review, he merrily received his reward.

May Allah give us the strength, perseverance and time to teach our children the Quran.
May Allah eases Al Fateh's (and his siblings) journeys in memorising and keeping the ayatullah in tact in their minds.
May Allah replenishes and sparks our ideas in teaching our kids to be great caliphs of Allah.

Aamin Ya Rabb...

Al Fateh hafazan checklist.. need to be done frequently so that the memory retains, insha Allah.

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