Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I learn from 'Made vs Bought'

The teachers in Malaysia has recently celebrated Teachers' Day on the 16th of May and prior to the occassion, Al Fateh and Alwani had reminded me that they would like to give something to their teachers (which accumulates to 14 teachers!).

I remember a talk by one of the imaams of the local madrasah. He reminded us that one of the basics that many new parents forget to follow from the older generations is to seek baraka or blessings from teachers, include them in your daily du'a, respect them as they work hard to impart knowledge to our children.

And so, this is the day to show our appreciation to the teachers. Thanking them for being so tolerant when teaching our kids ;)

For us, a home made or self made gifts are always cherished and add a personal touch since it shows that one has put more effort into it by taking the time out of one's life to make them a gift.

These are some examples of the home made gifts that my friends have done for their children's' teachers. Salute to you!

Sya Annur's famous marble choc cheese cakes for her son's lucky teachers.

Janna's cuppies for her childrens' teachers.

Tini's preaching to her kids, ' appreciate teachers from the bottom of their hearts' (Tini Yahya, 2012). Her daughters made beautiful hand decorated frames.

While my kids coloured-in certificates to be given to their teachers. Laminating them would be a nice touch and it'll last longer.

A wonderful well planned present for those with green hands.
Congratulations to all my friends who find time to appreciate the teachers of our children. I applaud each and every one of you who uses their own special skills i.e baking, painting, planting, sewing, art and crafting, giving orders to their kids to complete their colouring (<-- that's me!! haha).

Here is some ideas (for next year!) of 30 Homemade Gift for Teachers, Teacher Appreciation Ideas and printable cards.

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