Saturday, March 31, 2012

What I learn from 'Sabarlah hati...'

Mind map in iPad. I didnt know how to export it here... hahaha....
I have forgotten the turmoil that we (my husband and I) faced before our akad nikah. It was not always easy to make the relationship pure and clean. It was a constant fight with the syaitan and of course, the confusing desire that comes hand in hand when you think you love someone. 

But, you need to learn to say NO to syaitan.. you need to enrich your vocabulary with istighfar, you need to say 'Whatever!' to the lust within you..
'What ever, syaitan! Go find someone else to pester with!'

The forum that I participated with Imam Muda Fattah and Mr Azman had refreshed my memories on how I overcame that hurdle, how did we teach ourselves to stay in Allah's path, how to tell ourselves 'Sabarlah hati...' (be patient, dear heart..). I remembered yet again the taaruf session we've attended (as I've shared in Mission Impossible 3, 2 and 1) and the invaluable questions asked.

~~~ Selingan lagu dulu... Maaf Tuk Berpisah by Tashiru.. (dont forget to push the 'pause' button on the iphone down there! Sorry-morry!)

I applaud the organiser, Kelab Amatur Intelektual (KAI) 11/12 for creating this platform to teach these young hearts about the value of love.. the REAL value of it and how to manage it.

Here were some of the points being discussed - my 20cents worth of thoughts..

Please use magnifying lenses! =D

May Allah teaches the young hearts to remain calm and patient.
May Allah gives them ilham that being in ♥ after marriage is more cool and blessed.
May Allah bestows them strength to overcome the desire and syaitan.
Aamin ya Rabbal 'Alamin..


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